Minutes after I declared, on FaceTime to my mum, that Naomi would skip crawling…

…the girl goes and does this:

Over-reaching for a KitKat

Trying to untangle

Solo Twister (how many points for this?)

“Stop taking photos and help ME!”

“No really stop with the fraking Kodak moment & pick me up!”

So there you have it Naomi has decided that she can no longer lose all the good toys to Zoey so she is starting to rock and roll on her bottom (the bottom shuffle slash bounce), and reach reach REACH!

And then I get a developmental update email from Baby Center that is all about crawling. Naomi is right on track (despite the lack of tummy time – she hates it), and looks to be approaching crawling in the traditional manner. Unlike her sister who figured out locomotion way too early and from belly down position.


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