Seven Months. Thirty-One Weeks. Two Hundred and Twenty Six Days (and change).

Seven months! The first year warranty on the Cylonettes is almost running out. Quick let’s find the receipt and the original packaging, and see if we can return them to Best Buy for store credit.

Cylonettes in frocks!

It’s a fun fun time. The girls are all over the place; it’s crazy. Okay it’s just Zoey who is all over the shop as she is now crawling with confidence and “chasing” after me when I go to the  loo or into the bedroom, and did I mention pulling herself up!?! Naomi is always pretty much always right where you left her. Perhaps a centimeter or so to one side but try as she might to use the force to levitate she is still without locomotion. But, as my mum keeps reminding me she is only seven months old.

Bum in the air!


This months has seen some serious upgrades to the Cylonettes hardware. They now give cuddles. Cuddles!

Naomi is definitely Cuddler-in-Chief. She has a staccato cry that indicates she is in need of  a cuddle and when you lean in and wrap your arms around her she stops crying immediately and breaks into the most amazing smile. She has also started patting you on the shoulder when she cuddles, and is also a fan of burrowing her head into your chest.

Zoey has also gotten into the cuddling but she is more of a leaner and if you are really lucky she’ll rest her head on your chest or shoulder for a nano second. God forbid she ever does anything “baby-like”.

The girls are so aware of each other (yet at other times blissfully ignorant). If Naomi is crying then Zoey will come over to give her a pat, and if Zoey is crying within an arm stretch of Naomi she gets a pat too. One thing everyone told us about having twins was that they learn to wait because they have to. Errr… no. That one has to go down as a twin myth.

“Don’t be sad. Granny will be back, and we can FaceTime her.”

Anxiety is starting to rear its head. Both girls wail like banshees when I leave them, and they are clingy when faced with strangers. It took them a few days to warm up to Granny (my mum was over for a fortnight) and Naomi would only let her feed her in the corner of the sofa not on the knee. But, after a few days she had stopped looking her up and down and was giving BIG cuddles. Zoey on the other hand doesn’t want anyone other than me to feed and comfort her BUT would nap on granny.

Thankfully from the start of Granny’s visit both girls were happy to play with her as long as they weren’t tired or hungry so I was able to get on with a few projects whilst she was here. Bless Granny for her patience!

Feeding time at the zoo



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