Six Months. Twenty Seven Weeks. 194 Days.

Six months! Six months! We made it to the Cylonettes half birthday, and how were we rewarded? Plagues upon our still-to-be-unpacked apartment. We got through the stomach bugs, then Alex got sick, then Zoey had a fever at the weekend and now the girls are all sporting runny noses. All in the last ten days. So tired of being sick.

I still can’t believe that the girls half birthday has been and gone. Some times I do pinch myself the we have two daughters.


“Why do you dress me like Quentin Crisp?”


“Yeah, why? This isn’t an ‘Audience with…’!”

A ready made family of four (that I force to wear hats).

The last month has been chock full of developmental achievements, and much upheaval. The travel hangover from our trip to the UK is still present. Since we got back the girls have, as of yet, not returned to their old sleeping through the night habit. Now it could be down to the traveling, sleep regression or just a new phase in the life of the Cylonettes. Who knows. Just hoping things return to normal. Soon.

Zoey now has two teeth, and as well as rolling she is now shuffling (think army crawl) backwards. She spends most of the day shuffling under the sofa, getting further and further away from the toys. (And then pretending that she’d rather play with dust bunnies than toy bunnies.)

“Yup, under the sofa that’s exactly where I want to be.”

Naomi is sitting unsupported, and is rolling on to her side. She shows no interest of rolling onto her belly. She is very happy playing in the middle of the play mat surrounded by toys, and cushions.

Fully absorbed in dragon exploration.

We are pushing forward the introducing new foods. Though Zoey would prefer to just snack on papaya. Alex was feeding them something green and funky (pears, peas and broccoli), and the concoction made Zoey cry. So Papa stopped feeding her and gave her a cuddle instead. Lucky for Zoey it wasn’t me as I just push on through shoveling it in.

And Alex and I are hanging on in there. Tired but the girls are much more fun and interactive. We have even started washing them twice a week! In the bath no less. Of course I have to be in there with them as they hate baby baths but are taking to water plus mummy plus ducks.


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