Such fun!

It’s just gone 9pm, and I am sat on the girl’s play mat typing this in near darkness. I have a luke warm cup of tea, and a half eaten packet of M&Ms by my side. The girls are finally asleep, and Alex has crashed on the sofa. Last week we moved apartments (still in the same ‘hood) and got struck down by an evil stomach bug. Zoey got it the night before the move (deep joy), and then Naomi and I got it on Saturday, and now Alex has the lurgy.

It sucks.

It sucks when your baby is ill and it’s moving day so you have to go for 400 walks to stay out of the way of the movers.

It sucks when you want to unpack your apartment and you can’t because you and your baby are vomiting over every square inch not covered by boxes.

It sucks when you have to spend 5 hours cleaning your old apartment after you spent the last 24 hours curled in a ball unable to keep down fluids, dry toast and miso soup (that was a stretch).

Thankfully, the girls bounced back quicker than I did, and we’ll see what state Alex is in tomorrow.

Oh tonight could be very suckie (but I’ve pre-filled bottles and cleared a route to the bathroom) and at least there is this:

This is 100% Zoey in attitude and poise.


And this is pure Naomi - full of beans and joy.


My ever present Greek chorus


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