“What can I say. I’m ADORABLE!”

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“Can I have a cookie with my milk?”

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Philip Treacy, I have your next model

My mum is staying with us at the moment, and she came armed with HATS! On previous visits the Cylonettes were not interested in HATS but now. Oh my. Naomi is all over the HAT! thing.

Cylonette vs. HAT!


Cylonette fights back


Settling into modelling mode


Pure Vogue (circa the 1960s)

Now, we also have a less traditional hat model on our books as well:

“What you looking at? Have you never seen a Cylon with a swaddle clothe on her head?”

Things that make Naomi cry

  • Green vegetables
  • Zoey crying at 3am due to excessive fire truck action
  • Having her head patted by Zoey (which resembles a scene from Face-Off than sisterly love)
  • Papa going to work
  • Papa walking away
  • Papa turning his back on her (she’s like the Queen)
  • Sneezing, coughing and excessive laughter
  • Going without a cuddle (giving and/or receiving) for longer than a 10 minutes

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