Easter, teething & UP

I know I’m behind but it’s all a bit crazy here or rather crazier than normal. We’ve just signed the lease on our new apartment and we move in less than 2 weeks. It’s still in our current neighborhood, and still only a one bed but slightly larger with more storage space. I know it’s a bit of a sideways move for just one year but there is a whole narrative that occurred between us giving notice, and where we find ourselves today. We know that a big move (to most likely the suburbs) is on the cards but we want to have a planning year so that we can research and find the best neighborhood for our family. Gulp. Our family. “Loose footed and free of fancies no longer are you” – the philosopher, and Jedi Master Yoda would say of us.

Very important twin(s)

Let’s forget about the move (and the packing and cleaning) and focus on cute photos of the girls at Easter. We went over to a friends for an Easter egg hunt, and Korean food. I’ve decided that bibimbapis perfect Easter nosh as there is an egg on top of a sizzling stone, and if you mix in enough hot sauce you can be revived from any state of zombie-ness.

First Easter

Zoey as always thrilled to be out

"I was told there would be cake."

I can’t quite believe that the girls are almost 6 months old. Where did the last 6 months go? Okay, trick question I know exactly where the last 6 months went I have the white hair, bags under my eyes and buff arms from near constant picking up of the twinfants. God I’m tired. When strangers use to come up to me and ask if they were a lot of work I use to brush it off but now I just confirm their fears. Yes, twins are a lot of work. A lot of fun but by gum they are a lot of work. Talking of strangers today we were in Starbucks, and a guy in his thirties came over to admire the babies. The conversation was the usual: no they are not boys nor are they identical (please look at Exhibit B: Naomi; she is twice the size of Exhibit A: Zoey). But, then the guy goes on to ask me what fraternal means, and how does that happen. And, like the fool I am I start explaining about eggs, sperm, and shared DNA in Starbucks whilst waiting for Alex to bring over our drinks.

So "identical"

This was not what I thought motherhood would be like. I thought it would be all baby yoga and ‘Mommy & Me’ classes. Ha! I have so little interest in searching out a baby group. Firstly, I have a bunch of friends with babies and small kids so I have a network of peeps to call upon to ask questions (plus Twitter and the internets), and the last thing I want is to spend time with more crying babies. Also, I have no time. My days are pretty much taken up with the whole caring for twinfant thing so I don’t have time to spend “climbing the walls”.  In fact, it would be a luxury to have any time to process any emotion. I actually told my mum that writing the Harry Potter books was the very least that JK Rowling could have accomplished whilst looking after only the one baby. I’m joking. (Sort of.) So teething. Yeah – that sucks. Both girls have their fingers shoved in their mouths as their try to gnaw them to the bone. No interest in any teething toys just fingers (theirs or ours they don’t care) or fabric. Our doctor suggested freezing damp cloths for them to chew on so I might try that next week. The teething seems to be affecting Zoey the most at the moment. She is like a character from Dickens or Thackery whose mood is determined by the ruddiness of their cheeks. If she looks like she dived straight into the pot of rouge then we all know to take cover.

Red alert

"Toes are like fingers, right?"

Alex got his replacement UP bandthis weekend, and I confessed to him how much I fucking hated his first UP band when he got it back in November/December. FUCKING HATED IT. If it had not bricked itself after a few weeks I would have bricked it myself. If you are not familiar with the UP band it’s a wristband that tracks your movement, and sleep patterns. And, if you remember back in November/December we had tiny non-sleeping babies. So the last thing any sane new parent wants is a device that tells you how little you are sleeping, and puts that depressing-as-fuck information in fucking graph form. So, there was I thinking that we weren’t doing too badly in the first few months and the UP band shatters my sleep allusions.  Every morning Alex would sync up his evil fucking UP band and give me the stats. I thought we were sleeping around 4-5 hours a night (in interrupted packets of sleep) but no the situation is so much worse than my delusion. We are only sleeping for 36 mins a night, and only 30 secs of them is deep sleep, and look here is that depressing information in graph form. Fuck off, UP and don’t bother coming back till we are sleeping longer (which is now).

Let's end with a smile


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. lauowolf
    Apr 16, 2012 @ 14:47:49

    Oh but they are adorable.
    And eventually they will go to school/daycare and there will be a few hours of quiet.
    You will be ready for it.



  2. Leah Hung
    Apr 19, 2012 @ 20:58:37

    Yes – quiet will eventually come and then I’m sure I’ll miss ’em like crazy.



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