Five Months. Twenty Weeks. 140 Days.

Okay, I’m late on this post, and it’s now five months and some change. But, here let me distract you from my tardiness with cuteness.

"I will eat you up!"

Is it lame to say that it keeps getting better? That Zoey and Naomi are the most amazing people ever, and if they are this awesome this wee imagine how much more awesome they will be when they can walk and talk. I don’t think the world is ready for the Hung sisters.

"Entertain us, human."

So if we put the amazing awesomeness to one side for the moment I will say that it is hard. So hard. For every developmental move forward it seems to chip away at whatever free time I had for chores and looking at photos on People.

Zoey can now flip over onto her belly but for the first week she was so frustrated that she was getting stuck I kept having to flip her back over. Now she can flip backwards and forwards, and has harnessed this power as a rudimentary form of locomotion. But it still makes her miserable because she wants to crawl. She’s like the grumpiest sphinx ever (the one from Oedipus has nothing on our Zoey).

"What now?"

One handed push-up at 5 months. Beat that GI Jane.

"Tag you're it!"

Happy or sad. Who knows as it could go either way.

Zoey has also started a disgruntled form of baby babble when she is not happy. It’s still very much babble but she has the tone and demeanor down. It is like she is an alien on Star Trek whose universal translator is broken. We’ll have to try and capture it on video.

Now, Naomi is little Miss Happy Chatty. So many smiles to be given out, and over the last few days she discovered that she can stick her tongue out, and that it’s so much fun.

Smiles, drool & a proto-dimple!

Naomi’s has always been more of a babbler than Zoey (who is too busy with her pet lip) and a few days ago when she was yammering away through constants she clearly babbled “dada”! Naomi is also getting really close to sitting by herself. She’s leaning forward when we stuff her in the corner of the sofa.

Corner elf (resting)

Supported sitter (action)

The other major development is that we’ve started giving the girls tasters of purees (pear and a mashed over ripe banana with some formula). It’s taken about two weeks but they both now get the whole spoon and mouth thing. The first week was disheartening as Zoey kept sticking her tongue out to block the spoon, and Naomi was just perplexed but I’m glad we started early as it gave us all time to adjust.  We might swing by IKEA this weekend to get highchairs, and start giving them a proper breakfast next week.


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  1. Becky Garrod (@beckygarrod)
    Apr 13, 2012 @ 08:10:31

    Gorgeous girls! On seeing the pic of Naomi, Leila said ‘Auntie Omi dribbling. She very happy’. Which is a good surmisation, I’d say!



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