Fake-cation report

(Okay, that’s a little strong. Our vacation to the UK wasn’t a complete fake-cation because whilst you don’t get much rest traveling with twinfants I wasn’t left alone with them for 11 hour stretches. So I had two weeks of “half” the workload (wooo hoo!) and Alex had plenty of time with the Cylonettes.)

Coming into Edinburgh

We had an amazing time in the UK, and despite the Sisyphian effort that it took to keep the Cylonettes on an even keel as they were surrounded by strangers (we stood up a lot) I am so glad that we went over and shared them with family and friends when they are at this stage. Next time I’m over they will be toddling, and ordering lattes so their baby days will be well and truly behind them.

In the two weeks we were in the UK we fitted in a lot. It was like the 12 labors of Hercules but with more cake and no 4G coverage. The girls were introduced to their full compliment of grandparents, and many great aunts, great uncles and second cousins, and a health sprinkling of friends. They held up remarkably well, and Zoey even found the time to figure out how to flip over onto her belly (little did we know that that would bring us to a new circle of hell).

We spent our first week in Edinburgh, and I’m really happy that my mum has moved back there as it is a much easier city to negotiate with a double buggie than London. High points were the Botanical Gardens (amazing visitors center and cafes), John Lewis department store (free wifi through out, and the BEST family changing/feeding room ever), a date night to Kitchin (amazing tasting menu), my brother’s wedding, seeing my first panda at Edinburgh Zoo, the refurbished Museum of Scotland (light airy and a great cafe), and spending time with family.

At the botanics - great location for Doctor Who episode


Petite fours and coffee at The Kitchin

Naomi and Alex at my brother's wedding

Zoey crashes out after one too many glasses of bubbly

After Edinburgh we headed down to Manchester for an overnight visit with my cousin and his family, and catching up with some friends from university. Despite being in Manchester for less than 24 hrs, and Zoey’s intense wailing every time she was put in a car it was a restful pit-stop with amazing hospitality.

Cylonettes on the platform at Manchester Piccadilly

Fancy Manchester box

From Manchester we carried on southwards to London. We stayed with friends in North London (and again had more amazing hospitality), and I kept telling people that they were in Islington because as a South London girl all of North London is “Islington” when apparently it isn’t. London was mainly focused on my graduation ceremony (which deserves it’s own post) and catching up with more family and friends. We had many great meals, an enjoyable afternoon at the Alexander Palace with old friends, stumbled upon Poirot’s apartment block (thanks to the eagle eyes of my dad’s partner) and went around the Dicken’s exhibition at the Museum of London.

Alexander Palace

Waiting to graduate

Poirot's apartment building

The final leg of our odyssey was a few days in Birmingham with Alex’s parent. They got to meet the Cylonettes, and witness Zoey turning over (an historic event if ever there was one). It was a good way to unwind and prepare for the journey home.


After all the traveling it was so nice to get home, and be reunited with our bouncy chairs!

Bouncy seats!


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