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We are back from our epic (world) tour (I refuse to call it a vacation because a vacation with twinfants is an oxymoron). I had hoped to blog when we were in the UK but HA! That went the way of wanting to wear heels, having a manicure and blow drying my hair.

We had an awesome time, and hopefully this week I’ll get to blog about all the cool stuff we did and some lessons learnt about traveling with twinfants. And despite Alex coming home with a bad cold, and dealing with Zoey and Naomi’s jet lag as well as my own I am eager to start planning next year’s visit. I already have ideas about how to acclimatize Zoey and Naomi to traveling when they are toddlers.

So whilst I get myself back on an even keel here’s a few photos from our trip (more to come I promise!):

Paddington Bear at John Lewis' cafe

Naomi & her sherpa at my brother's wedding


"No more hats, granny, and I don't care if it was my mother's!"





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