Four Months. Eighteen Weeks. One Hundred Twenty Nine Days.

Friends forever


"Oh mum I am so not sleeping."


Chat roulette

Things are pretty busy over here at the moment. We fly to the UK on Thursday for a whirlwind two week visit that sees us traveling to four cities and attending a wedding and my graduation. Then when we get back we have to tackle our taxes and this year we are itemizing as we have hideous amount of out-of-pocket medical expenses: fertility treatment, MRI and physio for Bell’s Palsy, twin pregnancy and a c-section. I honestly can’t believe how expensive the pregnancy and delivery were even with health insurance. Let’s just say that if it wasn’t for my brother’s wedding and my graduation we’d be skipping a UK trip altogether this year. And, then at the end of April we are moving. Somewhere. Not sure where at the moment but our lease is up so we are moving.

Tummy time!

Anyway, that’s what us grown-ups are up to. Zoey and Naomi are oblivious to all this and are off in their own world of sitting, grabbing and singing. Oh the singing is amazing. Even when Zoey embarked on a 5am solo this morning (thankfully she fell back asleep) but by 6:45am the girls were engaging in call and response, and it is the most awesome thing ever!

"Come here often?"

On Monday they had their four month check-up, and are doing fabulously. Zoey is weighing in at 13lbs, and Naomi 14lbs 9oz. That’s over 27lbs of baby that I have to pick-up and carry during the day. No wonder that when I did some spin classes last month I felt nothing. Okay not nothing but not as much as I use to because when you’ve been through a twin pregnancy and hauled around +50lbs you have legs of steel that can stand even the most shouty of spin instructors. And, I swear that by the summer I’ll have arms to rival the First Lady.

Tasty toes!

Next month (five month mark) we can start to introduce Zoey and Naomi to food, and that is going to be wild. They are both chewing like crazy on anything they can get into their mouths but I am sure that soft squishy food will freak them out (and we’ll of course video their reactions). Can’t wait!

Three buzz cuts




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  1. cryscryss
    Feb 29, 2012 @ 04:51:46

    How exciting that the girls are calling and answering to each other. Dara and Freya are no where near that right now, and — much to my surprise — Freya seems to be the vocal one, whereas Dara still chatters like a cat rather than burbling and calling. Enjoy the UK. Hope you have nice weather!



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