Ying to her Yang

Motion & Rest

I just had to use that title as much as I *hated* the ying yang thing when I was pregnant. You tell people (and by people I mean the total strangers that enjoy grilling pregnant women) you are pregnant with twins, then they notice your Chinese spouse and they can’t help but tell you that you should name them Ying and Yang. Like you are carrying panda bears or some other furry critter.

Anyway, back to the cute photo of Ying and Yang… I mean Zo-Zo and Mi-Mi (their panda names). Every morning after they’ve had their first bottle we put both girls in Zoey’s crib to gaze at mobiles (or each other), play with their developmentally appropriate toys and kick themselves silly whilst Alex and I have breakfast.

"What up, mamma"

Sometimes they kick until they cry, or until they nap. Today it was the latter.

Zzzzzs time two

They’d started off perpendicular to each other, and then Zoey shuffled 90 degrees so they were head to tail. Lying like that, in their dark and light blue matching onesies the ying and yang comparison sprung to mind.

Zoey and Naomi very much balance each other out. Zoey in her constant state of frenetic motion, and Naomi sage and calm. Zoey wiry and small, and Naomi solid and chubby.

They are both so different from one another, and very much their own people but I can’t imagine one without the other.


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