Oh What A Week 2/5

It’s been pretty busy over here in the Cylonette household. Last weekend we took the girls “upstate” to the Stone Barns farm for a wander around, and to introduce them to the food they’ll be eating later this year.

Rare group family photo

Zoey was so overwhelmed with the farm experience she passed out with “excitement”

Naomi was a bit more into the countryside experience

Zoey practicing her pitch perfect timing decided to give empathy a test run on Monday, when she and her sister had their three month check-up and vaccinations. Deep joy. So not only was Naomi, our little empath in training (Deanna Troi has nothing on her), crying when she heard the other babies in the waiting room kick-off but Zoey rolled out her trademark *sad face* when she heard/saw Naomi crying post injections. This worked her up nicely for her own set of jabs.

Our pediatrician is very happy with how they are progressing, and remarked on their strong head/neck control and Zoey’s command of *sad face*. Naomi is clocking in at a solid 13lbs 2oz, and Zoey not that far behind at 11lbs 14oz. So that means at the witching hour I am carrying around 25lbs of Cylonette chubbiness!

Slight *sad face*

It probably doesn’t help that when Zoey makes her *sad face* she gets a chorus of “aaawwwwwwssss” from us, and this may be why she is dialing it up from this slight *sad face* to 11 (unable to capture on camera because it’s too funny). But, our Zoey does have the most amazing smile that she rolls out for special occasions (it was Friday, and ‘Death Race’ had arrived).

Big smile for Jason Statham

Sadly, this week has not been all smiles as Zoey suffered her first brush with diaper rash. The poor wee bugger’s bum was bright red like a baboon. Thankfully it cleared up quickly thanks to Butt Paste, and didn’t interrupt her nights sleep. And, whilst Zoey suffered from actual diaper rash Naomi suffered with diaper rash by proxy. Howling times two at every diaper change. Fun.

On the play slash development front it is crazy how fast the girls are getting to grips (literally) with things, and how differently they are progressing. Naomi is all about (supported) sitting, and we’ve fashioned a box to keep her entertained when she tires of being wedged in a corner of the sofa, and Zoey is still CEO of the play mat spin classes. Both are starting to strategically move their legs to try to turn over, and are grabbing with their pinchy fingers. Naomi prefers grabbing her clothes and bib whilst Zoey grabs everything apart from her clothes and tries to get it in her mouth.

Naomi in her first box


“What’s this?”


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