Play time!

Zoey and Naomi are getting more and more into playing every day.

They start the day staring at mobiles in the crib, and kicking their legs like they are in a spin class. Naomi also enjoys staring at Zoey’s little legs going like the clappers.

Legs out!

They are so big now that when they are both in the crib it looks crowded (they are sleeping separately now) and I can’t believe they were ever this tiny:

Tiny Zoey and Naomi

Or even this tiny:

More swaddle than baby

They are also spending longer and longer stretches on their play mat. Whacking the sh$t out of piggie, and the rest of her farmyard friends.

"Who's that girl?"

But mostly they like staring at the mirror, and smiling at the babies smiling back at them. I swear yesterday I caught Zoey making faces, and practising her sad face.

The Smiler and her minder

They are both becoming more aware of each other. Naomi is particularly sensitive to Zoey’s crying, and finds herself joining in even when she was smiley and happy moments earlier. A few days ago Zoey was crying so hard that Naomi couldn’t concentrate on having her bottle. I had to stop feeding Naomi, and take care of Zoey as Naomi was getting more and more distressed. At the moment Zoey doesn’t appear to have her sister’s empathy but then she is half toaster.


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