Three Months. Twelve Weeks. Eighty-Four Days.

The fourth trimester (as it’s called) is done. We all survived – though I’m guessing that the girls came off better than us. They are the ones after all in charge – we are merely following their lead and trudging behind with the bucket of slops.

Peas in a pod?

Something magical started to happen around week nine. Zoey and Naomi started to drop night feeds. All by themselves. No sleep training needed (not that we would have done so young anyway). And, for the last two weeks they’ve been sleeping till 5-7am. They even started scheduling their own bedtime, and as ever we followed their lead so they now go to bed (in their own beds) around 8-9pm. Since we are in the same room we have to stagger this as Zoey likes to fight her trips to Bedforshire despite much tired wailing and rubbing of eyes. So Naomi still gets to doze on her bouncy chair with her legs jutting off it ‘cos she is so big now.

"New chair please!"

Zoey and Naoi are transitioning into seriously smiley babies that are happy to gaze at their hands and feet* whilst cooing away. The challenge now is keeping them entertained. Everyday is different. Some days/hours/minutes they love the mobile in the crib, others it’s the play mat or being propped up on cushions and kicking away on the sofa, and occasionally they make it through tummy time without crying.  My arsenal of distractions is growing but mostly they still want hang out with Alex and I. Stare at our faces, grab our fingers and rub their feet against us when they feed. They’ve also started sticking their tongues out like little lizards when they are hungry. It’s very funny and handy – less crying we hope!

Play time

Alex and I are beginning to claw back something of a life. I was able to cook twice over the long weekend (spaghetti alla carbonara and chicken with dumplings) and last week I made a cake! Alex is going to resume going to his evening techie meet-ups, and I am determined to get to a pilates or zumba class.

The thing I am most proud of in getting through the first 3 months is that Alex and I have been on the same page about everything. We figured all this shit out together. As a team. As a family. And now the fun starts.

Best. Face. Ever.

* They don’t wear socks as I like nibbling their toes too much


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