Tardis 2.0

Tardis 1.0 (a.k.a. Golf GTI) lasted just a shade over 2 months before it was upgraded to Tardis 2.0 (a.k.a. Acura TSX Sport Wagon). Now the stroller fits comfortably in the trunk (lying flat instead of standing up) without parts of it sticking out and impaired my rearview vision. The extra space also allows us to do grocery shopping with plenty of room left.

Compare the GTI’s trunk:

With the TSX Sport Wagon’s trunk:

The TSX also has a large storage compartment underneath the trunk floor to store even more stuff (like a spare box of liquid formula and diaper changing pad)! There is also a more shoulder and leg room in the back so Leah can now sit (relatively) comfortably between the two car seats and feed the girls.

And when the trunk is devoted of stroller, one can perform all sort of miracles within!


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