Two Months. Eight Weeks. Fifty-Six Days.

I started this yesterday…

I’m sat on the girls play mat that now takes up almost a third of our living room floor space. I’ve just fed Zoey who then spat up on me, and Naomi has just started crying after a cat nap. Naomi has what we call a ‘Naomi-warning system’ where she slowly comes to the surface by alternating between crying and sleeping until she cries very loudly and is very much awake. This should give me/us time to have a bottle ready but normally I’m still dealing with Zoey.

Play mat time

Tomorrow the girls will be two months old. I won’t lie it has been long two months of sleep interrupted nights, and figuring things out on the fly (those toys that say 0-6 months are lying it’s really 2-3 months) . The days on my own are tiring. It’s labor intensive flitting between girls but the smiles (and their edible feet) make it all worth while. That, and the fact that when Alex gets home he throws himself into caring for his daughters so I get some respite* (unless they both need fed at the same time).

Evolution knows it’s stuff. You hit the one month mark, and you think you can’t go do it any more, and then the smiling starts. Sure they are secret smiles not really reacting to you but they are smiles none the less, and as the weeks go by the smiles increase until it feels firmly like they are smiling at you.

Smiley Naomi

The girls are particularly good at smiling and making cute faces in the middle of the night.

I don’t want to appear hardcore but the night feeds really aren’t that bad. Maybe we lucked out, and we haven’t had a night where we get no sleep. Even in the early days and weeks we both always got some sleep even if there were nights where we’d be up for hours.

I firmly believe you need to embrace the nights. No matter how tired you get. Hug your baby(ies), kiss your partner, brew extra strong coffee and count your blessings.  These are precious moments, and not every family is that lucky. When I read about the Snyder twins I got the chills as I’d delivered twins by c-section in NYC exactly one month before Michal Friedman lost her life.

In some ways things are getting easier and harder at the same time. The girls are getting more and more alert, and enjoying more time kicking and swatting on their play mat. So for the moment I’m spending the bulk of the day on the play mat too.

Kicky time

Roll on the next month, and the new adventures it brings.

*And by respite I mean passing out on the couch whilst watching Food Network.


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