Sleep: The New Hope

I really don’t want to tempt fate but we appear to be turning a corner with regard to sleep. The girls have started to sleep for longer stretches at night. It started with three to four hours, then a couple of nights with five hour stretches and THEN the night before last Zoey slept thru. A whole seven hours from midnight to seven. Way to go Zoey!

Zoey the Super Star

Last night it was back to four to five hours but that meant we only had three feeds, and three feeds in a night are NOTHING to twin parents. We’ve had weeks of six plus feeds a night, and the only thing that kept us functioning was IVs of strong La Colombe coffee and the girls cuteness.

We're cute - please keep us!

Of course when they wake up they are still reenacting 28 Days Later. You know, the scene where Cillian Murphy wakes up in the hospital and then ventures out into the post-apocalyptic world.

Alone, hungry and unsure if they are the last survivors of a few hours sleep.  Eyes wide open. Heads on sticks turning frantically as they survey the post apocalyptic landscape that is the bedroom at night.  Are there any other survivors from four hours in the crib? (They are still oblivious to each other.)

Only when they have bottle in their mouths do they finally relax, and accept that they are not alone. Their in-house caterers have also survived…

"Honest, this is comfy sleeping position!"


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