The C-Word

I hate to say it but I think Zoey is flirting with the c-word. Thankfully she is not crying for hours on end so I don’t think it’s full on c-word more like a gas overload. I’m hoping that if I don’t say it out loud that we will find the magic combination of a different formula and gas drops that will relieve the general crappiness of sleepless nights. We thought that we’d solved this with wide nippled bottles but on Sunday night Little Miss Gassy Breeches decided she wasn’t sleeping or settling down ever again.

Since it’s a short week (so thankful for Thanksgiving) I’ve taken the bulk of the Zoey night shifts, and I’m hoping to get more daytime zzzzs from Wednesday onwards. Plus, we can start experimenting on her which makes me feel like there is some hope. On our constitutional stroll today we’ll pick up some formula for gassy fussy Cylons – I believe it’s called gin (or is that just for mama?).

Other than the gassy Cylonette things have been going well. My second week home alone went better than the first. This is in a large part to the swing and bouncy seat (cheapie Fisher Price ones since they’ll loose interest in a couple of months) we bought. It’s so great to have somewhere to stash them whilst we get on with things, and I can feed one and soothe the other one with my foot (pushing the swing or bouncing the seat). We’ve also now got a foam mat so we can start to let them “play” on their play mat gym thing.

Our girls are really evolving from sleepy newborns. They’ve not only started to fill out their “meat suits” but they’ve started to be more alert during the day. This means I have two pairs of beady eyes on me. I’ve noticed that when I carry one about the flat (getting on with chores) they are now clocking their surroundings and checking things out.

I had, what I thought was, a lovely moment with an “alert” Naomi. I was changing her, and she was staring at me with such a relaxed intensity I felt myself welling up. Then I noticed that she was peeing all over herself, and I realized she was just enjoying the warm pee washing over her legs rather than a one-on-one moment with mama.

Some photos from the past week:

Zoey and her "marmoset" eyes

Zoey kicking back

Naomi is so not impressed with her first bath

The family

"I'm not a boy. I'm French!"


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. becomingcliche
    Nov 22, 2011 @ 17:21:33

    What a gorgeous family!



  2. cryscryss
    Dec 01, 2011 @ 06:37:50

    Your girls are gorgeous. Also, nice to see you’ve survived a month.



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