Three Weeks Old & Play List

Our girls turned 3 weeks old today. We’ve had them a whole 21 days, and some how it feels like we’ve been caring for them forever (in a good way) and yet they are also still so shiny and new. (If I washed them a bit more they might manage to retain that “new car” smell rather than smelling like they’ve been marinated in formula.)

To mark their 3rd week on the planet I thought that they needed their own Spotify play list so that we can dance the sleepless nights away. You see over the weekend I went to check the post, and the mailman was rockin’ out to ‘My Girl’. As soon as I got back in the elevator I burst into happy, happy tears and started to sing ‘My Girl(s)’…

1. My Girl(s) by Otis Redding – our girls are our “sunshine on a cloudy day”. Even during all the night feeds, and trying to figure out what makes ’em tick

2. The Sun Ain’t Going To Shine Anymore by The Walker Brothers – yes, this is a sad face song but it’s a big soulful ballad, and it reminds me of the long path to getting pregnant (and now the sun is shining so bright)

3. Wipe Out by The Surfais – because mama and papa are wiped out but somehow the beat goes on

4. This is a Man’s Man’s Man’s World by Seal – our girls are going to kick ass and take names so world be warned

5. Stand By Me by Seal  -Perhaps our family’s new anthem as we juggle caring for our girls and each other, especially in the light of the moon during those night feeds

6. Crazy by Seal – They turned our lives upside down, nothing will ever be the same again and we embrace the craziness of it all

7. She’s Not There by The Zombies – I have flashforwards of the chaos that our duo will bring to the world, and I pity the fools that get in their way

8. Sugar, Sugar by The Archies – They are as addictive as high fructose corn syrup

9. Inner Smile by Texas – I think all babies have inner smiles especially when you go to change them and they pee on you

10. Deeper Water by Paul Kelly – This song always made me feel how I thought it would to be a parent, and it is so true

11. Throw Your Arms Around Me by Hunters & Collectors – One of my all time favourite songs

12. Four Seasons in One Day by Crowded House – Babies are bi-polar drunks: one minute crying the next perfectly happy. So five minutes with twins can go from summer to winter to summer again

13. Just a Girl by No Doubt  – Did I mention how kick ass our girls are going to be? We ain’t going to be raising no dippy girls who like sparkly vampires nor will they be designing dodgy Japanese knock-off fashions for Target

14. Four Minute Warning by Mark Owen – We are still learning their cues, and sometimes we don’t get a minutes notice that they are about the kick off but hopefully we are getting better and will hit the four minute mark soon


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