The incredible deflating body

This is me at my largest at the 39th week mark:

We were looking at this photo a few days ago, and wondering how we ever thought that this was “normal”. I was HUGE but then given the size of the girls I was carrying it is not all that surprising. But, no wonder people stared when I was on the subway – also why was I still riding the subway?

This was me a week ago at 11 days post birth – where has it all gone? Well for one I am finally able to rock a belly bands which is sucking/holding it together. Somewhat ironic that it is only in my post pregnancy state I can actually fit those suckers on.

According to the sizing guide to the belly band I should have been able to wear the size Small/Medium all the way through my twintastic pregnancy (based on my pre-pregnancy clothing size). Ha! Belly band (or Target version there of), ha! I was only able to fit into the Small/Medium this week when my Yoda belly reduced down enough, and the Medium/Large was finally loose.

It’s funny watching my Yoda belly slowly deflate, the skin contracting back and my belly button re-treat inwards. I’m guessing that by my 6 week OBGYN check up my uterus might be back tucked inside my body rather than hanging out like a housing extension. Alex remarked that when I am lying down my belly looks like the Face of Boe from Doctor Who, and it’s soo true!

The photo above is slightly misleading as I do definitely look like I have a post-partum tum, and that’s fine. I’m not in any crazy race to get my pilates toned stomach back again. I’m happy to let nature take it’s course, and to embrace the stretch marks and scaring. My body went through the wars to carry our girls, and it is only fitting that it reflects that history and not be in a hurry to erase it.

I apologize in advance for the next statement. At this point I only weigh 7lbs more than my pre-pregnancy weight. Yes, I know – what the frak. Pretty much all the 47lbs or so that I gained was pure babies, and a hell of a lot of water retention. As well as my Yoda belly deflating my legs, ankles and feet have also relinquished the Poland Springs reservoirs they were hoarding. The swelling in my lower extremities was one of the most uncomfortable parts of the pregnancy. From 13 wks onwards my ankles swelled up whenever I sat with them on the floor (you know like a normal person), and at the start the swelling would go down over night but by the last few months the swelling stayed. It was cankles and then some.

So image my surprise when the “tide” finally went out, and I was reunited with my skinny ankles. But, my poor legs look so scrawny (dare I say Angelina Jolie skinny without my mum jumping on an earlier flight to feed me up), and my feet so small. (I got a pedicure a few days before I had the girls and got the pedicurist to trim my toe nails; when the swelling went down in my feet my toe nails were no longer “short” but oh so long – that is how much swelling I was dealing with.)


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. thebohemianfarmhouse
    Nov 12, 2011 @ 13:35:24

    What a trooper! I feel like the top photo basically sums up how I felt during both of my pregnancy experiences- both singletons, but I gained a ton- 70 lbs, actually. At five months during my first pregnancy, people started coming up to me saying, “Any day now, huh?”. By seven months, it was with a knowing smile, “Twins?”. By eight months, folks were concerned, “Should you be walking around?
    Men usually either stared at the belly, disturbed, or avoided eye contact with it. Ah, the joys..



  2. becomingcliche
    Nov 12, 2011 @ 13:57:27

    Glad parts of you are skinny again! And never apologize for the fact that you aren’t still carrying around a bunch of baby weight. Most people don’t have to house 2 kids for 9 months!



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