A Quick Update & A Few More Photos

Fist bumping anchor babies what would the GOP say?

This is my first week alone with our girls, and I made it to Thursday!!! THURSDAY!!!!! Without breaking down – okay not entirely true. On Tuesday I sent out the Bat Signal to my Mum asking her to come for a visit. I can manage during the day. But, it’s hard especially when they both want fed at the same time. The crying is so difficult but I only have one pair of hands.

Between amazing friends, the doula and Thanksgiving holidays I have November pretty much broken down into manageable chunks but December was looking grim. So I checked out flights on Virgin Atlantic saw they were doing a deal in early December, and emailed my mum. Once I reassured her that Alex was okay with it (and this morning I told Alex that if he wanted a full nights sleep – or two –  whilst she is over mum and I could do a couple of night shifts so he could sleep in the living room) she booked her ticket in double quick time. I love mums.

It will be a busy working trip for her, and I doubt she’ll see anything of Manhattan but I promised her lunch in Hoboken, and they have slightly more shops than our neighborhood. Alex and I might even get a date night to celebrate our b’days.

I feel like I am getting more confident not only with our girls but also in asking/accepting help. No point being a martyr, and no shame in changing your mind.

Yes, we have embraced pacis & you know what I don't care if the girls are 25 & still using them!

A few quick highlights from the week:

  • At their two week appointment the girls are back to their birth weights (go formula!)
  • We made it out on our first solo jaunt to Duane Reade and Starbucks. It felt a bit like that scene in Guarding Tess where the ex-First Lady goes to the supermarket to be recognized as a pick-me up. The girls got lots of compliments in the drugstore, and I feel that whenever I get low I’ll bundle the girls up and head to Duane Reade for instant praise. Sadly, Target is too far away – also great for compliments.
  • We were having trouble settling Zoey down after a feed at 3am, and I actually told Alex to go back to sleep and I would finish settling her. Huge step for all of us.
  • Today whilst they were sleeping I managed to set up hospital appointments (hip scan as we were a breech pregnancy), order Christmas present for them & my nephew, do laundry & clean the bathroom (v quickly with wipes and a Swiffer).

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Lucy E M Hunter
    Nov 10, 2011 @ 16:02:16

    Good on you Leah,
    for the reaching out for help and not minding about changing your mind.
    You have 2 such beautiful baby girls.
    Let the good times roll – the crying and all.
    Much love Lucy xxx



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