36 Weeks

Well I think that it is safe to say that we are pretty much ready for the Cylon invasion. In the sense that we’ve got all things set up in the apartment, and we are both excited to finally get to meet (and name) them. Whether we are ready to look after two little Cylons only time will tell but I’m feeling quietly confident that everything will (eventually) fall into place. We’ve taken a bunch of classes. We know the basics and are ready for the practical. Bring it on little Cylons!

Last week was the week of a zillion doctors appointments, and I was pretty shattered by the end of it. The scan at the hospital on Tuesday went well (Cylons are chubby), my dermatologist on Wednesday was happy with how my PUPPPS is clearing up, then it was back to the hospital on Thursday for the Non-Stress Test (checking on movement and heartbeats) and of course they aced it because the Cylons are in a constant state of training. The room at the hospital where you have the NST is a little freaky – like something out of a sci-fi movie. There are three monitoring stations where mamas are hooked up to, and the babies heartbeats are turned up to 11 so it’s beyond deafening. It’s like being in an isolation tank or one of Walter’s Fringe experiments.

Finally on Friday I saw my OBGYN who is happy with how everything is going but doesn’t think I am going to be able to make it to my c-day (25th October). She’s going to try and schedule me a few days earlier so that the c-section can be done calmly rather than as an emergency. Will find out later this week if it is logistically possible – those ORs book up quickly but I have my fingers crossed.

On Saturday we were out running errands, and started to get peckish so we headed to Popeye’s to get us some fried chicken. (Someone had been craving fried chicken and hint it’s not who you’d think.) Popeye’s was pretty busy, and as we were walking in I was trying to make a bee line for bathroom but obviously my shape and size was catching everyone’s eyes. A guy in his 20s called out to me “Are you having twins?”, and I of course confirmed his observation. But, the two girls he was with immediately started hitting him, and telling him you can’t ask that because what if I wasn’t pregnant just oddly shaped or only carrying a singleton. It was was funny and I started to laugh because I am huge (I have this giant basketball of a belly attached to a normal sized body, and then all of a sudden all the people around us in Popeye’s were congratulating us. It was a surreal but lovely moment).

This week I am keeping things pretty low key (as I could go into labor any time), and adventures to a two block radius of the apartment (barring doctor’s appointments). We are interviewing a post-partum doula tonight as we think it’s wise to get some help in for when Alex goes back to work. A doula makes sense as you can buy blocks of hours, and have her come in a couple of times a week over a 2-3 week period. She’ll do light cleaning, laundry, cook a meal for me and offer support tips with breastfeeding and looking after the twins. We don’t need any long term help just something to help us (me) over the initial hump of Alex going back to work, and me being left at home with two crying Cylons.


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  1. Dodging Acorns
    Oct 11, 2011 @ 11:09:32

    I think the post-partum doula will be a great idea with twins for sure! So exciting, you are so close to being able to hug and squeeze those little ones! Hoping for the best!



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