In Case of Emergency

As I sit here trying very hard to ignore my itchy PUPPPS rash I figure the best way to stop from scratching is to keep my fingers busy by typing. It’s fraking typical that I would develop PUPPS something that only 1 in 200 pregnant women develop a bit like my extreme reaction to the sugar test.  Talking about the sugar test that was quite the turning point in my pregnancy. After fainting I got a little jumpy about what would happen if I fainted (or worse) when I was out and about, and I wasn’t the only one concerned as Alex suggested that I should have an ‘In Case of Emergency’ note on me.

Since I don’t have any business cards (surely the only two uses for biz cards are emergencies and for dropping into ‘Win A Free Lunch’ in delis and cafes) I put a note in my wallet but I felt that was a little “low tech”. If something were to happen to me then I pretty sure that my phone would get turned on at some point and whilst I always keep the key pad locked the wallpaper for the ‘Lock Screen’ does come up. So I figured that I could have my ‘In Case of Emergency’  note as my ‘Lock Screen’ wallpaper.

In my Notes app I put all the pertinent information: name, due date, next of kin details, OBGYN details & hospital, and that I’m Rh negative and the date of my RhoGan shot:

Then I took a photo of my note, and set it as my ‘Lock Screen’ wallpaper. I had to do some jiggling with the formatting but I eventually got it set up. It’s not a perfect solution but I think it’s pretty good work around, and it gives me some peace of mind.


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  1. Dodging Acorns
    Sep 27, 2011 @ 20:38:50

    Great idea to do the techie and non-techie versions too – I’m guessing that someone would check your wallet first believe it or not, so it’s great to have both. But you won’t need them, I have confidence 😉



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