34 weeks

Are we there yet?


No? So, please pop me in a chemically induced comma* for the last 29 days…

Okay folks it’s the final leg. 29 days till my c-section, and I feel like I need a little push** to get me to the finish line as my body is feeling very worn down by this pregnancy. It probably doesn’t help that we’re going through an Indian summer at the moment when what I really need is cool fall temps to make everything more bearable. My feet and fingers are now swollen. My trusty Croc sandals that have got me through the summer are now on the tight side. I might need to break out my flip-flops from my hospital go bag. When it starts to get cooler (any day now please) I can wear my furry Crocs as they are super wide and comfy. I’m trying to spend as much time as possible off my feet and with my legs up the wall, or when I do it in the bedroom I have my legs up the crib.

Last week I started to get a super itchy abdomen, and that developed into a pimply itchy rash. I called my OBGYN and she reassured me that it was perfectly normal pregnancy rash (especially for multiples and first time pregnancy). Harmless to the Cylons but fraking annoying to me. Alex has been watching me like a hawk to make sure that I don’t scratch so between that and some over the counter cream and the rash is calming down (slowly). Though this rash appears to have open the flood gates to another one this time on my legs – again perfectly common. (And before my mum starts pinging me via FaceTime I’ve got an OBGYN appointment at the end of the week so my rash will be re-assessed then.)

On the plus side the Cylons are moving as much (if not more) than ever. So despite the book telling us that movement will decline as there is less space the Cylons never got that memo. Last night we felt/saw a foot. The Cylon that is head down was having a darn good stretch and then decided to start “stamping grapes” and there was a little  foot poking out. Breach Cylon is also wiggling around as much as ever. Their favorite trick is to mimic the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park that threw themselves on the electric fence to look for weaknesses. The Cylons like to arch their backs and bums and PUSH OUT (at the same time) as much as possible to SSSSTTTTRRRREEEETTTTCCCCHHHH my belly out.

29 days. The end and a new beginning is in sight.

* I decided this typo was worth keeping

** Probably not the best word to use when you are trying to avoid early labor


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