The Middle Name Predicament

Last Friday night Alex and I went out for dinner at Les Halles, and I think we managed to keep the diners on both sides of our table amused (and possibility the table behind us because we ordered bananas Fosters for desert and the little boy sat with them immediately demanded the same for his dinner on seeing flames table side!) with our lively discussion of middle names for the little Cylons.

Firstly, I should announce that we finally have chosen first names for the little Cylons but we are keeping them under wraps till the little blighters arrive. It was not an easy process, and it is probably a good thing that we are having two so that we effectively each get to name one. There was a lot of compromise along the way, and let’s just say that Alex reigned me in. The next step in the naming project was middle names, or so I thought.

I have three kick ass middle names, and I always thought that we’d give the Cylons equally kick ass middle names (hopefully with a clever ancient Greek/Roman slant) but Alex was adamant that they weren’t getting middle names. So there we were in Les Halles entertaining all in our vicinity with our Sheldon-Penny like stand-off (I was having flashing of when Sheldon gets stuck in “Why? Why? Why?” cycle). I am desperately trying to come up with reasons for middle names, and Alex is squishing them like flies.

I turned to Twitter, and my peeps responded with very sound reasons for middle names: passing on family names, remembering loved ones and to give them an alternate name should they not like their first. More fly swatting ensued. Neither of us want to pass on family names (the Chinese don’t have that tradition) or have any other names with real significance in our lives. Though I would make the argument that Gaius has a HUGE significance through my love of the classics, and our love of sci-fi. Alex’s argument seems to stem from giving our Cylons the option of picking their own middle name should they wish or changing all their names if they are that way inclined.

I can’t stress how hard it was to find four (two girls/two boys) names that we both liked so if we were to start the search for middle names it would take the length of another pregnancy, and there is no way Alex is going to give me free reign to get “creative”. Whilst I am disappointed I do understand where he is coming from, and must respect his position and quite frankly I love that he is this into every aspect of the Cylon project!

There are only two exception to this. Firstly, if we have mixed doubles then we will use all the names as it is a shame to waste two approved names given the torturous process to come to agreement (now I understand why the UN has so many issues). Secondly, if David Chang would like to give us free pork buns for life then we’ll happy give them a middle name in honor of his empire. Ssam, Ko and even Ma Peche could work, or perhaps Momo and Fuku. Noodle and Milk Bar would be harder to pull off.


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