32 weeks

I’ve just got back from the local farmers’ market where one of the stall holders asked me how long I had left, and when I said 6 wks she responded with “Oh shit”. I have decided that that is indeed the correct response to this information. I myself repeat it several times a day and every two hours during the night when I am forced to roll myself out of bed (and then use the furniture to help me become fully erect) to go to the bathroom.

Last week was definitely better than the previous one as I barely left my neighborhood but we went for dinner on Friday night, and that took a bit too much out of me. I’d cleaned the flat during the day so over stretched myself; so now I know I can’t clean and go out. Ugh.

In less complainie news the Cylons have started hiccuping. I think it freaked them out at first as there was hiccuping and lots of grumpy kicking.  Alex tried cure them by saying “Boo!” to them but it didn’t quite work but it was cute. I need to try and get a video of both cylons in full maneuvers as my belly looks like a bag of snakes. It’s crazy.

So *only* six weeks left and we are both getting very excited about getting to the “hands-on” stage of this project. I’m really glad that Alex made us do all our research (products, classes, etc) and planning months ago as it means we can enjoy these final few weeks of coupledom.

My mum pointed out that I look less than happy in this weeks photos, and my friend left a comment on the Flickr page that sums up my mood.


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