30 weeks (or how to survive natural disasters when heavily pregnant)

Well, there was I thinking that this update was only going to be about how my dermatologist told me she could (post-pregnancy) zap all the broken blood vessels that I’ve accumulated over the last few months on my chest, back and stomach (at the moment I am indifferent to them like my stretchie marks and grey hair – last had my roots done in Feb) but then we went and had an earthquake and hurricane.

The DC earthquake was less dramatic than the hurricane. I was of course on the loo – because where else do pregnant ladies spend 70% of their time? Suddenly the room (and toilet) started to shake at first I thought it was me. Was I that heavy? But after it stopped and I was back sitting in front of my laptop I saw ‘earthquake’ starting to appear in my Twitter feed, and realized that I had not developed superhero like powers to shake whole buildings in a single step.

Next up was the hurricane. On Thursday I was fairly blase about it. I tossed around the idea that if we were evacuated then we’d see if could stay with a friend in central New Jersey (about 50 miles away) but I figured we’d just see it out with a large jar of nutella and some quinoa. Then on Friday, as they say, the shit got real. Mayor Bloomberg and the PATH authorities made the decision to suspend the MTA and PATH trains, respectively, from noon on Saturday. Maps started to be released with the evac zones in NYC, and whilst we live on the other side of the Hudson it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that if one side of the Hudson floods then the other side will too.

I started to get anxious about being in a high rise on the edge of the flood plain, and being 30 weeks pregnant with twins did not help the situation. I did not like the idea of having to shelter in the bathroom (as it’s our only room without lots of windows), or of having a loss of power in case something went wrong. So after IM-ing Alex he agreed that we should see if our friends in central NJ would mind us staying Saturday night, and it would probably be best all around if we “bugged out”. Our friends were more than happy to have us come down, and other friends in the NE also offered us a place to stay but we figured being an hour away was the best situation plus we’d be staying with a trained nurse so should anything happen I’d be in safe hands.

We didn’t sleep much on Friday night has Alex had to work till gone 11pm, and when he got back we went to get gas. This was actually a blessing as it meant we were so tired on Saturday night we slept through the hurricane as it ravaged its way through central New Jersey. It was great spending the weekend with our friends – we had a lot of fun and I felt super relaxed.

As it turned out our building was fine. By the time the hurricane hit the NYC metro area in the early hours it had been down graded to a tropical storm, and it looks like North Carolina, Virginia and Maryland got the brunt of Irene’s temper. However, there was still a lot of damage in the NJ and NY suburbs. It took us 4.5 hours to drive back as there were so many roads closed due to flooding, fallen trees and downed power lines. Honestly, I felt like Odysseus being punished by Poseidon as our trek back turned into a real odyssey (but without Athene to send us signs about which roads were open). If you know the area we ended up going so far West that we started to come across WaWas.

Needless to say that the little Cylons were not happy about being in the car for that long, and they made their discomfort known by kicking the shit out of me. Thankfully I had a stash of Nutella sandwiches and water in the car so that appeased them to a certain degree but “we” were happy when “we” got home and were able to stretch out and pig out on some much needed chicken pasta that Alex whipped up.

Hopefully this week will be much calmer, and Alex and I can focus on important things like finalizing first names, and ordering the stroller, crib and car seats because we have EIGHT weeks left!!!!


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