Waddle n Swaddle

Following on from ‘Rockets & Race Cars‘ we came across some very cool baby gear when we were driving back from the Lime Rock Park race weekend.  We’d stopped off in Rhinebeck for coffee and snacks, and came across this really cute baby store: Waddle n Swaddle.

I wish it was closer to us as I can see it as being a great go-to-store and resource. We saw these awesome toy cars made by Kid O and I think I might get one for my nephew for Christmas, and they had an amazing array of cloth diapers. I’ve been doing a lot of research on cloth diapers as I think we are going to give it a whirl as we should be able to save a significant amount of money (and there are even rocket pattern diaper covers).

It was great to be able to get hands-on with diapers, and have a good feel of them (some of them are so soft as they are made with microfleece). One of the owners of the store gave us a cloth diaper tutorial, and the first hand advice was really useful.  So we are going to try out several different brands to see what type works for the Cylons. (Though we will have a stash of disposable diapers to use for the first week or so.)


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