29 Weeks

I feel like I’ve been so hugely pregnant for so long that I am becoming an urban myth in my neighborhood. Wandering around defying the laws of gravity, and forever chasing an elusive due date. Behold the Garden State Sisyphus:

Well the good news about the bump is that last week’s scan shows that both Cylons are right on track growth wise and there is plenty of fluid around them. They are doing well if they were singletons so really well as a duo. Cylon A is checking in at 2lbs 10oz, and B at a whooping 3lbs (s/he has long legs). Though Cylon B is official breech which means that there is a fair chance that I will need a scheduled c-section if B doesn’t turn. Got another scan at 32 wks so we’ll see if our words of encouragement to turn will have worked. (Sadly no scan photos as we had a trainee technician and she took so long that her supervisor had to finish up and there was no time for profile shots.)

My OBGYN is also happy with how things are progressing, and that I am “carrying well”. Which I think is doctor speak for “you are not getting fat, well done”.  She told us that the next stage of pregnancy was critical, and that I need to keep doing what I was doing as it seems to be working for a smooth pregnancy.

Of course all Alex heard was CRITICAL STAGE so is even more protective than usual. He’s cutting my solo week day jaunts into the city from twice a week to once, and if we go places on the weekend then it’s by car (my swollen ankles thank him in advance). I’m pretty certain that by late Septembere/early October I’ll only be leaving the flat for doctors appointments.

We did our first bit of Cylon proofing this weekend, and of course it was for the car. Why start with the apartment when you have a GTI. Alex got VW window shades for the back seat. They look pretty snazzy, and not as lame as some of the other ones we’d seen.

Oh, and I got my RhoGan shot (really hurt as it goes into the muscle) so I am now protected from Cylon antibodies should they be Rh positive like Alex.  And, to finish up Alex shot a video of my twitching belly (it looks so shiny in HD):


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. bokker
    Aug 23, 2011 @ 07:56:41

    Wow the video is amazin.! You are doing so well, go you! Not long now…



    • Leah Hung
      Aug 23, 2011 @ 08:56:46

      9 weeks! Just need to make it to 38 wks. I have a feeling they are going to be good sized Cylons for twins. My guess is around 6lb.

      Last night it felt like they were dancing away at the Hacienda (showing my age!).



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