Rockets & Race Cars

When I first found out I was having twins I thought, for one fleeting moment, that we should find out the sexes as it would make it easier to prepare for. But, Alex was all no it won’t, and he was right as all it would have meant was that we’d just have to come up with two names instead of four* all the other prep is the same whatever the combo.

The further into the pregnancy I get the less curious I am about which hybrid Cylons models I’m carrying – it just doesn’t matter to Alex and I. I’m looking forward to the surprise at the birth, to give them their names but let’s be honest regardless of whether we get Sixes or Sevens they are going to be raised “sci-fi” either way.

I’m going to install a force field that blocks Disney and their empire of drippy princesses** from infiltrating the flat. It’s going to be rockets and race cars until they start to show interest in other things. Oh and Latin and Greek myths.

*We still don’t have names for the Cylons. I’ve submitted my top names (taken from the “long” list that took months to compile) and am awaiting feedback…

**I guess since I wasn’t a particularly girly girly by today standards I don’t understand this princessification of girls from birth. I was more into teddy bears (as was my brother) than dolls, and then because of the books I read I wanted to be a detective. Princess fantasies never stood a chance up against solving crime. Also, what’s up with all the “Daddy’s Little Princess” swag for babies? How about “I’m going to make the Dean’s list”, “Future Rhodes Scholar” or “Annapolis Here I Come”. Just a thought.


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  1. BookishlyFab
    Aug 18, 2011 @ 11:09:17

    Ugh, I hate all of the princess-themed clothing and toys for girls. I’m afraid that if we have a girl we’ll get it as gifts, but maybe they’ll include receipts so I can take them back. I definitely was more into Nancy Drew than girly princesses, and I do not plan to let all of that frilly crap into my house.



  2. Dodging Acorns
    Aug 21, 2011 @ 22:56:39

    Right there with you. We do not do princesses (except for the thinkgeek shirt I just got Maddy that says “self-rescuing princess” and we barely have anything pink in this house. I was never a girlie-girl and hopefully my daughter won’t be either. I will try my best, that’s for sure! Oh – and rockets and race cars rock.



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