28 Weeks

Ten weeks people. Ten weeks!

Ten weeks until I hit full term. None of that forty weeks for me, and the Cylons. We just need to make it to thirty-seven/thirty-eight weeks and we will be in the full-term deliciously awesome zone. The question is how much more will my belly stretch to accommodate them given that this week they have discovered the joys of interpretive dance:

What the heck are they up to, and was that an arm or the Loch Ness Monster? Are they preparing for the Edinburgh Fringe 2012? It’s moments like that that makes having an iPhone essential. Being able to take a quick video of your HUGE belly behaving like a bag of snakes, and then email it off to your nearest and dearest. Though there is something about taking videos of twitching body parts and circulating them that makes me feel like a politician…

Since we are transiting into the final phase we are starting to cross a lot of things off our list. Last weekend we did the childbirth preparation class at Tribeca Parenting, and during the week we took the hospital tour (with fifteen other couples!). It’s nice to be able to get a feel for the place so that it will be more familiar when it comes time, and picked up more tips to add to the list. We even got to peek inside the private rooms (for the post-delivery nights stay) that retail for $850 per night  and have their own private chef, concierge and validate parking. Ouch!  I think a semi-private room will be fine as there are other things I’d rather spend $850 on.

This week will be busy I am checking out a local pediatrics office (so jealous that the practice nurse has a son called Trajan), I’ve got another scan to make sure everyone is growing properly and then a regular check up with my OBGYN at the end of the week. Hopefully she should be happy with my weight gain as I’ve almost hit 139lbs so I’ll have gained 7lbs from last month and 30lbs overall. Oy vey!

And thanks to ten years of yoga, despite my having the mobility of Jabba the Hut, I am still able to paint my own toe nails (ignore swollen ankles):


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  1. Dodging Acorns
    Aug 15, 2011 @ 14:17:35

    Love the movements! I miss that feeling. $850 for a private room? Wow. Glad I gave birth in MN where my private room was free 🙂



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