Tribeca Parenting – Preparation for Childbirth: Twins

Last weekend Alex and I took Tribeca Parenting‘s Preparation for Childbirth: Twins at their Upper East Side location. I’d looked at birthing classes at a variety of places (including the hospital I’ll deliver at) but I felt that the philosophy of Tribeca Parenting fit with Alex and I’s (a no-nonsense open minded approach), and the twin class is semi-private so there were only two other couples present which was great (and this being NYC they reflected the city’s diversity).  The session was lead by an RN who works in the maternity field at an NYC hospital so she was incredibly knowledgeable, and I felt the material was presented in an educated manner (no dumbing down).

Because it was a semi-private we were able to move at the speed of the group, plenty of time for lots of questions along the way and it was nice learning about childbirth in such an intimate and safe setting (you could feel free to move about and eat through the class). I was grateful it was not a rigid classroom set up. It was also nice to be flanked by two woman who were at a similar stage of pregnancy as me, and who were sporting bumps like mine (compare this to going on the hospital tour where the singleton pregnancies of equal duration looked tiny in comparison to my HUGE belly).

Over the course of the afternoon we learnt about the different stages of labor (and coping techniques/pain medication), the different birthing options available and most of all to keep an open mind about your birth plan because you don’t know how you are going to cope with labor until you are in the thick of it. You might think you want your partner to massage you but once in the fox hole being touched is the last thing you want. As vocal as you think you’ll be you may end up retreating inwards. You just don’t know. The other thing I took away, that is specific to twins, is that you don’t have as many choices. A lot is down to the preferences of the hospital and your OBGYN because delivering twins is a higher risk than a singleton birth.  We left feeling a lot more informed, and ready to speak to my OBGYN about her preferences.

I’d highly recommend this class, and they do have a range of other childbirth preparation and other pregnancy classes. We’ve already signed up for the Essential Baby Care, CPR and Safety – Baby and Infant, and Breastfeeding Preparation. I’ll let you know how they go in September.


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