(1)27 weeks

Belly time This photo sums up how I am feeling: all belly all the time.

Big, round and heavy.

Bulbous, swollen and red.

Any day now my belly is going to have its own gravitational pull and objects will start levitating towards it. (I am hoping for iced coffee and donuts.)

So this is my (1)27th week of pregnancy, and not all that much has been going on (externally that is). My feet have suddenly got ridiculously sweaty. Never have I had such a sweaty body part in the whole of my life. I’m hoping it’s just a summer thing because I can’t imagine its going to get much better when it gets cold enough for real shoes and socks.

However, in Cylon-land they are having a fine old time. Over the last few weeks, according to the book, they’ve developed eyebrows, eyelashes (if they are anything like Alex’s they will be thick and long) and fingerprints. So they have missed their window of opportunity for being untraceable cat burglars.  Apparently, they might start to recognize Alex and I’s voices though I am not quite sure how we are test that. It’s not like they kick on command or shift off my bladder.

The next few weeks will be a bit more exciting. We’ve got our birth preparation class coming up, and the week after next I’ve got OBGYN check-up (getting my RhIg shot) and hospital for another scan. Until then I shall be found sitting next to the AC unit trying to cool my feet down.


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