26 weeks

It’s August 1st today so before I recap on the past week of my adventures in waddling I think it is worth pointing out that I have around 3 months left (give or take a week either side). This is of course working on the assumption that twins are generally early so I won’t make it to my November due date. This means we need to get everything ready by October (e.g. take birthing and parenting classes, finish de-cluttering, order stroller/car seats etc) because anything could happen that month. We obviously want them to keep baking for as long as possible so I’d rather get everything done earlier and then spend a quiet October waiting it out whilst knitting mittens, hemming their muslin diaper liners and enjoying the gently burning sensation of heart burn.

Week 26 was actually a pretty good week all around. A combination of the heat wave breaking (NYC is back to it’s usual low 30C with tolerable humidity), the iron supplements kicking in (thanks Bokker) and taking it easy as per usual made me feel a little perkier. I’m not sure if my body is getting accustomed to the HUGE bump (that Alex reckons will need it’s own zip code in a few weeks time) or I’ve just slowed down enough to reduce the physical stress enough to make things slightly more tolerable. I know it sounds whiny as millions of women go through this but there is something about a twin pregnancy that is slightly more extreme. I think it’s that growth is so rapid it comes as quite a shock to the body (specifically the hips, legs and back). Every time I stand up I feel like my legs are bench pressing a zillion pounds.

But, you do get double the kicks so everything evens out in the end. And if we are talking about kicks the Cylons have taken it up a notch as both of them are now kicking and jabbing with all their might. They kept me up last night as they didn’t approve of any sleeping position (I think they were channeling the GOP negotiating technique), and in the end I just lay half on my back half on my left side and let them kick it out.


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