25 weeks

Well, after all the hysterics of the glucose tests I of course have normal sugar levels so I can still keep eating the sweet stuff. Though given that I currently get heart burn when I eat chocolate and cookies my nibbling on treats has somewhat been curtailed.  The blood work did highlight that I am anemic – not a huge surprise as I am sure that the Cylons are strip mining me for nutrients. So I am now on slow release iron tablets, and anyone who has had iron supplements knows that they have a tendency to slow your digestive track down so it is back on the warrior fruit (prunes).

I had yet another scan at the hospital this week, and the Cylons are still on track growth wise. They are weighing in at 1lb 10oz and 1lb 11oz – which is a respectable weight though not quite making up enough of my 25lb weight gain for my liking. Unfortunately, when it came to getting the take home profile shots only one Cylon would oblige. The other Cylon was shy and squirmy so every time the sonogram technician tried to get a waist-up profile shot it moved.  One of the Cylons is also still positioned head up (breech) but my doctor reckons it is still too early to write-off a natural birth – there is hope the Cylon might still turn. I am not so sure – I mean how do they know they need to change positions?

Yesterday we went to a fancy mall to suck down its free AC and have a stretch of the legs without having to do battle with 40C heat. I thought I should make an effort in exchange for the cool and pleasant strolling environment (only fair) so I was wearing a nice Old Navy flouncy white skirt and one of my new maternity tops (as opposed to my red shorts and tank tops that can barely contain me any more) that my mum had bought and mailed across to me. The top is nice and flowie so I of course had tied it “loosely” behind my back.  Any way we were walking out of a store and two women stopped Alex to tell him how cute I looked, and congratulate us. I’m getting use to being stopped but it was nice that Alex got to experience it. It was a nice smiley moment for us all.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. bokker
    Jul 25, 2011 @ 08:10:37

    Get thee to a chemist (/drugstore, whatevs), and get some Spatone iron supplement, if they stock it in the US. If not I will send some, let me know. It’s basically sachets of mineral water which has an exceptionally high natural level of iron. After I had a post partum heammorrhage my iron levels were v v low and the iron tablets made me feel like (appropriately) crap. The midwife recommended it and I swear after two days of taking Spatone I felt like a different woman. Go Spatone! (sorry. am fanatic).



  2. Leah Hung
    Jul 25, 2011 @ 12:45:42

    Thanks for the tip! I’ve just had a google and I can order it over the internets here 🙂



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