Let’s talk weight

Every morning I waddle onto the bathroom scales, and then I tell Alex who is tracking my weight gain on a spreadsheet.  It’s not that we are obsessing we just that we want to make sure that I’m steadily gaining enough weight. I’ve always been on the slim side, and at my 11 week appointment I’d only gained 2lbs. I’d been eating more but battling hideous nausea, and I’ve never really “gained” weight before.

Roll your eyes all you want it’s just the way I’m built. I’ve always eaten what I wanted (overall fairly balanced but I’ve never said no to cake or french fries) but I enjoy working out and kept pretty active (I love to walk).  When I hit 30 I needed to tone up more but I’ve never really had to work at losing weight as it has always been fairly constant. I guess my eating philosophy is inline with ‘Why Do French Women Not Get Fat’ but with more cake,  less wine and a few pilates and spin classes thrown into the mix.

Since my 11 week appointment my OBGYN has always been happy with my weight gain. Not too much, not too little, and as you can see from the belly photos I am definitely getting bigger and bigger. I’m in my 25th week and I’ve gained the same amount of weight some women, especially those skinny New Yorkers, do for a full-term singleton pregnancy – 24lbs. That is a hell of a lot on my 5’3″ frame, and I’ve probably got another 15-20lbs to gain (depending on how close to 40 weeks I get).

I don’t really care about the actual weight gain and I’m not fretting the weight loss post-Cylon invasion (it’s challenge for 2012). I need to gain as much weight as my body needs to incubate the Cylons to a healthy weight. And, at this point everything I’ve gained is going on my boobs and bump. My only real issue is the physical strain carrying this extra weight is putting on me, and the thought of trying to climb up a flight of stairs by the end of the pregnancy brings me to tears. I’m hoping that the intense summer heat is playing a big part in how hard it is getting to move about, and once things start to cool down in late August – early September I’ll start to feel (slightly) less like a beached whale even if I look like one.


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