23 weeks

A little late on posting this one as Alex has already posted the belly at 24th week photo. Am I not glorious? I’m going for the ‘let it all hang out’ pregnancy look which I think I’ve nailed. It’s a zillion degrees in shade here so until fall comes around the bump is getting an airing.

So I meant to do this post on Saturday but I had a grump on as my skin was in major stretch mode and it hurt. It hurt baaaad. Also, when is my granny tray with legs going to ship from Amazon ‘cos it’s getting increasingly hard to type with my MacBook on my knee – the bump is seriously getting the way of everything. Sinks are the latest thing, and I found myself turning sideways when I was rinses plates to put in the dishwasher.

Heartburn kicked in last week but my friend was able to give me some tips on food to avoid, and it seems to be under control. I’ve got the sugar test on Friday so am on best food behavior till then. No condensed milk in iced coffee, pancakes with syrup or other delicious treats. Next week I’ve got another scan (hurrah more cylon viewing!) and I’ll get my cervix measured again. Fingers crossed it keeps holding up so I don’t end up on bed rest which would be a pain for everyone.


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