22 Weeks

Well over halfway through this whole pregnancy lark – eeek! Nothing much is happening this week; no big tests or scans just the on going belly button watch (it should pop any day now). According to the book the cylons are starting to form taste buds, and develop the sense of touch. From all the kicking I am assuming they really like touching the sides of their sacs, or they’ve taken up cage fighting. Apparently they are 7.5 inches long, and weigh about 1 pound (given my rapidly expanding belly I can well believe this). We’ll know how well they are growing at my next scan in 2-3 weeks time.

I’m feeling really really whaley, and awkward; the belly is really starting to get in the way. When I drop something on the floor I have to calculate whether or not it is worth the time and effort to pick it up again.  I’ve started to get twinges in my back, and there is no longer a comfy position to sit or sleep in. Can’t believe I have another 16-18 weeks to go. How much bigger can I possibly get? At some point my belly is going to start defying the laws of physics or extent into another zip code. Strangers have already started to wish me luck with the baby which Alex pointed out probably meant that they thought I was further along than my modest 5.5 months. If I was a Bajoran then my gestation period would already be up – how cool would that be?


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