My Onesie Hell

Okay, this is an embarrassingly first world “issue” (all of my own making), and once the cylons arrive I have a funny feeling I’ll be dressing them in anything to hand, e.g. pillow cases, tea towels, crisp packets with a slashed neck and some arm holes cut into it.

The “issue” stems from our decision not to find out the models of cylons I’m incubating (they are going to be raised ‘sci-fi’ regardless of their sex though not raised “genderless” like the Canadian couple and it will be nice to have a surprise at the birth) and my general distaste for pastels (so even if we knew their models I’d be avoiding pinks and pale blues like the plague). All I want is to be able to dress the cylons in brightly colored onesies and the like, and things need to come in multi-packs. So I fell down the rabbit hole of research into unisex clothing options for babies and it sucks. If you are lucky enough to find a store that has a ‘unisex’ option then all you are faced with is white, and perhaps pale vomit yellow and pale pus green. The baby boys stuff is all pale blue or very definitely branded boy, and the same for girls. Where are all the bright reds, sunshine yellows, royal blues and emerald greens?

So what the heck happened to unisex clothing for babies and kids?

I know, I know it’s a marketing ploy. God forbid if parents actually shared clothing between siblings of different sexes. The retailers would lose out, and I’m sure nurseries would be awash with gender confused toddlers. Oh the horror!

What I’ve found is that there are retailers out there that do sell brightly colored onesies but these are not high street, and are at the higher end (and they most certainly do not come in multi-packs).  As much as I love the cylons I’m not shelling out for over priced everyday onesies even if they are made of “organic” cotton or bamboo (though we will buy a few sci-fi themed ones for when they get bigger) because, frankly, mamma wants to save enough money to be able to afford a nice holiday. The thought of once again drinking cappuccinos in Italy will get me through sleepless nights, and using washable diapers.

My onesie hell was sucking so badly that I was contemplating buying white ones in bulk and dying them myself then my mum held an intervention and headed off to check out some UK retailers. And joy of joy, good old Marks and Spencer does indeed sell brightly colored onesies in multipacks, and what’s more they have stripey ones and spotty ones too. And you know what? They fly off the shelves like hot cakes because not everyone wants to dress little Hermione and Bertie in pale pinks and blues.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Louise Meiklejohn
    Jun 29, 2011 @ 15:59:07

    And they deliver to the US!



  2. Leah Hung
    Jun 29, 2011 @ 16:00:19

    Yes they do!



  3. BookishlyFab
    Jul 09, 2011 @ 23:20:56

    I hate how everything is gender specific for babies here also. I hate pale pink and blue!



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