19 Weeks

Alex keeps taking these “belly” photos of me (which I love) but he always takes them in the morning right after I’ve had a shower and just got dressed. So not only do I look HUGE but hot, tired, sweaty and shiny to boot. I never thought I’d get to the point where showering would be exhausting but there you go.  It’s the heat and all that standing up, plus then there is just more of me to wash.

I feel like I’ve gained a zillion pounds this week when it’s only about 2lbs. We are putting this down to the Cylons going through the ‘Wolverine’ phase with their bones calcifying, and obviously this will make them weigh more (right?), and I have to be retaining water. Great lakes of water – I just have to be. Around this time the Cylons’ audio sensors are also coming online so I am trying to talk to them more, and it’s a little one-sided at the moment but I talk enough for the three of us.

This was a really exciting week (which is probably what I should have started with) because the internal flutterings have escalated to actual movements that you can feel externally (more like twitches than kicks). I find sitting quietly with my hands on my belly waiting to feel something ridiculously addictive, and when Alex first felt Cylon B and then A move it was a magical moment. Looking forward to these movements getting stronger.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Louise Meiklejohn
    Jun 12, 2011 @ 02:26:40

    I just looked at your baby registries. I think you may want more than one of all those Cylon inspired babygrows…..



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