Book Riot 2015 Read Harder Challenge: March 

Oh March! I managed one book, Jurassic Park (my guilty pleasure pick) and since then I’ve been stuck in a holding pattern with To Rise Again At A  Decent Hour which I hate. So I either need to power through it or give up. 

Jurassic Park on the other had was a lovely re-read. Made me sad for everything that was left out of the film as it was so clever. 

April is half gone so I need to get reading again. 

My kitchen elves 


I asked them if they could start tidying up their toys as I was starting dinner. They told me they wanted to watch me  cook instead. 

Tell me about. From the time they were itty bitty babies they had to be where the action was. On the floor in the kitchen as I cooked or they screamed. 

As they got older I never shooed them out of the kitchen, and it was tough but so worth it. I remember them pulling everything out of the cabinets and playing with scraps of baking parchment and foil. I have my kitchen elves now. 

Another warm day today. We did a long walk around the neighborhood with magnifying glasses and field guides. The buds are coming through on the trees so WE MUST IDENTFY EVERYTHING. 



And in our garden some road building has begun….


Trains & Pingus! 

A little behind on our exciting adventures… 

Saturday saw us hauling ourselves out of bed at the usual weekday time to get to the station to take the 8:10am train into NYC to go to the zoo. That morning penguin feeding time had us hustling! 

We got out fairly smoothly barring Zoey laying down and bursting into tears after she had to add more layers to her outfit (a fleece and cord pants). 

“I can’t move. Too many clothes!”

I hear you Zoey! None of us wanted to layer up but it was a sunny but blustery day. 

We had a good day out, the train journey was very exciting (especially the double decker train on the way back but NJ transit is still not fast enough for our little ones who want to break the sound barrier) and the zoo was much more interesting to them this year. Our supersmeller (Nomi) managed to tolerate the penguin enclosure. Love of penguins trumps smells and semi-darkness! Though she turned on her heels at the tropic zone because that was “too smelly” and obviously no penguins. 


They loved the map. It had pictures of the animals on them so they could tell us what they wanted see. Big win. 



The penguins,  sea lions, bears and birds were the big hits of the zoo. We had a good day, exhausting but good. Saturday also acted as a tester our trip to the UK, a long day out without the car. I learnt many good lessons: 

  • Normal snack protocol is off. Traveling all day means hourly snacks and a proper lunch out. It’s hungry work. 
  • Must have an emergency snack for the last journey of the day just in case it needs to be deployed. 
  • Nomi will touch everything. Particularly everything shiny in the subway so wipes for everyone. 
  • Zoey and Nomi talked non-stop about everything so I think they will be fine flying and traveling.

Mapp and Lucia, and the raccoon anxiety 


The weather was so nice yesterday that we deployed floaty summer frocks. 

We were warm.  

We wore hats. 

I watched the trees at the back of the yard turn green in real time. Glorious! 

We spent a good chunk of time outside until I mentioned raccoons. Foot in mouth time and back peddling for me. 

We were about to go out for a bike ride and Zoey asked if we should bring the balls and toys in or could they stay out over night. I said we’d need to bring them in at the end of the day but they’d be fine outside whilst we went biking. 

“Why mummy, why can’t we leave the balls out?” 

“Well the raccoons might bite and burst them.”

What was I thinking? It’s true. When we first moved here we left a few balls outside and the local critters burst them. I didn’t think what I said was a big deal as they’ve seen other animals in the yard before. 

We left but Z got to corner where we normal do our big loop and she wanted to only ride around the block. I thought she might still be tired from the cold (I know I still am what with me being sick it over the weekend) and then she was very quiet. Then as she approached the house she said she wanted to bring the balls and toys in, and it all clicked. 


The poor kid. We talked it through and I hope she is less worried but we’ll see. 

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