Me: What shall we put in the muffins?

Nomi: Chocolate!

Zoey: Candles!

Me: Sure.

Costume sewing: part 2

Today the girls got on my sewing machine to make their tails because I really did not enjoy sewing their hats for them when it was something they could learn how to do.

I want to help them make their own costumes even if it takes ten times longer and looks odder in the process. And folks, we’ve got one quirky dragon and one quirky dinosaur.

They were ridiculously excited about sewing. First they cut out their tails (I marked out the shape), then they drew and cut out the spines.





I explained the safety rules for sewing, and put my pedal on a box so they could reach it from my knee. I explained to both of them they could control the pedal and/or feed material through, and they both said ” Pedal only.”




They controlled the pedal well. I initially had the sewing machine set to the slowest speed, and Zoey asked for me to make it go faster.

They pushed back on me like G-force was at kicking in. It was cool. So much cooler than me making them solo.


Costume sewing: part 1

It’s Halloween on Friday and we are making costumes. Nomi wants to be a blue dragon and Zoey a red dinosaur. Yes, I know :/

I’m using up some cheap knit fabric to make the costumes and I’m trying to include the girls as much as possible. These are their costumes after all. I don’t want to hand them over as a fait accompli. This afternoon we started with the dinosaur/dragon hats. I cut the hats out and they cut out the teeth and spines, then assisted with the pining. After choosing their own colors of course. Silly me thinking teeth should be white!



They’ll be able to reach the pedal on my sewing machine before they can go drive diggers and dump trucks!

Aftermath and what we are reading

The girls decided to have a pajama day, and of course by the time 4pm tiredness had set in Zoey was demanding to know why she was still in her pjs. “Why mummy, WHY am I not in clothes?”

There was relief all around that we were at home today with no visitors so Nomi and Zoey could get fully stuck in to playing with their new toys and reading new books.


A friend gave them Dr. Seuss books which I’m not familiar with but after a day of reading and re-reading them I’m now on first name terms with Sam-I-am, and Things Two and One.

But the girls are not the only ones getting stories I am reading books again! Hurrah after three years I’ve finally figured out how to squeeze time in for reading. I bought myself a Kindle as my gift to myself for three years of parenting, and banned my iPhone from the bedroom. Now I read my book before bed and more importantly when I wake in the morning (I’m normally conscious well before 6am but unable to move so not to disturb the pingus).

Within a few days of getting the Kindle I’d managed to finish The Goldfinch which I’d been reading all year, and now I’m galloping through Gone Girl which is quite brilliant.

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