Alex has been traveling this week so I’ve been taking it easy as it’s a marathon of a week. (I’ve learnt a lot from friends with spouses who travel far more than mine.)

So I haven’t done as much around the house or blog as I normally would. Or finished my audiobook or kindle book. Or caught up with email. I’ve crashed out with the Pingus at night then when I wake up pottered through to kitchen for a quick tidy then collapsed on the sofa for a film.

It’s been a restful week barring the whole “Daddy, come home.” every time we FT, and Alex picking up the travel lurgie so feeling crappy and wanting to be home too.

I finished four pairs of pj pants, painted my closet and started the KonMari process on my clothes. The girls played with trains, trucks and we did a bunch of things in the kitchen. Today we made bread which I need to do more often because I can control the white-wholewheat ratio at home and Zoey has a very mild sensitivity/reaction to preservatives or something in commercial baked goods.

Looking forward to more of the same at the weekend.









It was a toasty 5C here today. Warm enough to play out for two plus hours. It’s been a while since the weather was nice enough to just want to play in the garden. I’m really looking forward to Spring. Bare legs and windy toes.

Until then I’ll take a mild day where we only need two pairs of pants and not the usual three.






Our weekend

We were victorious in IKEA. More track and spinning turn tables. Zoey told me that the little IKEA trains are narrow gauge engines. We’ve watched Blue Mountain Mystery ALOT! They built some tracks out of planks because anything can be a track.





Today was a bad weather day: freezing rain. There was black ice on the road when we drove at just after 7am to tennis. I’d rather have not tagged along to Alex’s tennis but the girls wanted to go so we all went. They did really well and I even managed to catch up on correspondence. Bliss. Might take my Latin with me next week.






The rest of Sunday has been sublimely relaxed. Lots of play, sewing and we all baked Swiss roll. It cracked but that’s not the point.

I hope you all had lovely weekends.

We painted, played and Eeyore got a make over





A relaxing Friday. We had a new to us bird appear at our feeder: Northern Flicker. It was a he so had the red patch on the back of his neck. We do enjoy our birds.

Tomorrow we are heading to IKEA for more train track as we don’t have enough, we have a fair amount but given that both girls want to build large tracks we need more. Apparently. Zoey also told me that I should get a rug for my bedroom and add that to the IKEA list. Nice to know she’s looking out for my (our) cold feet when we get out of bed.

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