“I wish I had a journal…”

I was running out of steam by the end of the day. Shocker, right considering it rained most of the day.

We sat down to eat dinner and the girls both started asking questions about the flowers on the table. They wanted to know all the parts, and I was just done. I didn’t have the energy for us to get out a book so I said that we could look up the information tomorrow, and that I’d write their questions down in my journal so we wouldn’t forget. 

Zoey said to me, “I wish I had a journal.” I asked her if she wanted to track her interests but no, “I just want to write down your questions and what you want to do.” 

Hearts for eyes, Zoey, hearts for eyes. 

Painting and park 

It’s all go here. Well, you know. 

Monday the three of us got out for a little bike ride together. It’s been bitterly cold. AGAIN. This is not doing our morale any good. 

Tuesday was painting day by request. After breakfast they wanted to paint polar bears with white paint on white paper. Yeah, I know but what can you do other than paint your polar bear on black paper so you can see it. 


Really they just wanted to daub the white paint. Fair enough. After my polar bear I painted myself a blue sky so I could daub some clouds yeah that turned into a collaboration and then I had to paint another sky for my other colaborator. Later there was a request for feet painting which I put off till the late afternoon. 



And today we did all the things. We ate huge sugar cookies at WholeFoods and did the shop. We dropped the groceries at home, made a picnic and headed to the park. We got the best of the day’s weather so I’m so glad we did that. 



Nomi helped Zoey get over her fear of the shaky bridge. Last year Zoey kept slipping on it and landing hard on her bum! 



These two are too much. Having the full run of the park in the sun. Hearts for eyes. Hearts for eyes. 

And onwards to tomorrow where we recover from today, and it will most likely rain so tomorrow there will be puddles. 

Our weekend: a party! 

Saturday was errands because of the snow, we just want the beach and bike rides at the park and the beach. Have I mentioned the beach? We have lovely beaches. Toes in the sand. Toes in the sea. Sun on your back when eating your sandwiches. 

Sunday was busy. We tagged along to Alex’s tennis lesson because even though it’s a pain for all of us to leave at 7:30am it’s more time for the Pingus with Alex so it’s worth it. But, this Sunday because we had a party to go to they were restless. We ended up sitting in the truck drawing the river and taking a walk along it. 



But still they just wanted to leave for the party already. 

It was a three hour round trip to my friend’s daughter’s first birthday party but well worth it. Lovely to be part of a special day and for the girls to party away. Bubble dancing, face paints (on the hand this time after Nomi’s reaction from last time), party games, candy floss, their first lollipops and other kids to chase around. 


A grand time was had by all. 

Sewing for spring 

It snowed again today. We rallied and went out for a walk because that’s what we do. 



We also baked digestive biscuits, and played with trains and I finished off some sewing. 



In fact, this week I finished off a bunch of sewing projects, making way for my upcoming week of zips. 

I completed Nomi and Zoey’s replacement airplane dresses. They are long. Little House on the Prairie long but there be growth spurts coming between now and fall, and I’d like them to last. 




In the interests of balance here is Nomi in another home sewn dress. 



I love the green and red combination in Nomi’s dress. I finished a pair of pj pants that are so big I think they should see the recipient through to double digits. The grey fabric really works with the butterflies I think. 


And then I finished up my second pinafore tunic. I played around with the basic pinafore pattern from the Japanese sewing book Happy Homemade Sew Chic. 



My first pinafore tunic is in voile which I LOVE. The second in a light to medium cotton, I love this too but if I were to make it again I’d opt for voile again. 

Let’s talk modifications before I nod off. I scooped out the sides (I wanted them open to the hips) and narrowed the front so it’s more like an apron. I narrowed it by adding pleats (6 in the front and 4 in the back) so that it measured around 9 inches across. Then I trimmed the bib down. I cut the straps a couple of inches longer, too. 


They are great for layering and jazzing things up as we wait for spring. 

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