Rooms with views

We were pirates today. We made hats, walked the plank and then ate our pirate pasta for lunch. Not sure where the pirate thing came from but it was fun to play along.

We also cut into the boxes we got from the art museum and turned them into proper houses. Nomi and Zoey drew where they wanted windows and doors, and I got my craft knife out. Much excitement.






We got out for a longish bike ride, and when a familiar stranger asked where my bike was Zoey told her “I like mummy running behind.” More exercise, right!

We came, we saw, we carved.

Yesterday Zoey and Nomi drew their pumpkin designs and today I carved. It was chilly this morning so we wrapped up warm and tackled the big pumpkin.



They were more than satisfied with the results. At times toddlers are very easy to please: pick pumpkins at Home Depot and carve some shapes in.

Over the last few weeks they’ve both started making their figurines and animals talk and act out scenarios. It’s wonderful to watch, and today Nomi had two giraffes with her: Little Nomi and Big Daddy! Too much. Heart explodes.



No map, make a map

Everyone slept in to 7am this morning. That’s unheard of and equivalent to 10am in non-parent hours. Bliss.

Of course this was a morning where we actually had to be somewhere at a set time, but it was fine and we made it to the Early Bird story time at Philadelphia Museum of Art. This was our first story time and the kids did good. They were excited and made it through all the parts (about 40 minutes): introductions, short gallery walk, story (Iggy Peck Architect), another short gallery walk, art activity and clean-up. Okay, I added in clean up because I think the staff are use to tidying up after the kids – oh the horror!



We followed Early Bird story time with an early bird lunch. After lunch I could tell that the girls needed a change of scene so we took the trolley bus to the Rodin Museum. None of us had been there before and we managed to fill an hour at this small museum. It’s so small that they don’t have a map.

The horror! HORROR!!!

So Zoey drew her own map and then guided us around.



The gardens were a big hit as we waited on the trolley bus back to then museum, and a much needed coffee slash milk and, black & white cookie.







We had a really nice day out and home in time for plenty of playing and a bike ride. It’s all good.

Art and errands

As soon as Alex left for his cycle meet up the girls asked for potato stamping with the big paints. I tried to delay them until I’d done a few things from my to do list but they were adamant that it should be potato stamping first. So we mixed paints and stamped, and stamped, and stamped some more.



We were painting for almost two hours before hunger hit and we cleared up so we could eat. I joined in which is why they lasted so long. That and we were using the “good paper” in different sizes to make cards and gift tags for (whispers) Christmas. Just the first stage more to go.

Once Alex was back we headed out to run errands (I did half the driving – easy peasey) and the girls finally got to pick their pumpkins…


… from Home Depot.

We couldn’t quite face the overpriced pumpkin patches this year, and a ride around Home Depot in the trolley is just as good plus holiday lights!

They also picked the saddest pumpkin for carving. Bashed in on one side but they were adamant that it was “daddy pumpkin”. I haven’t carved a pumpkin in forever. I remember carving turnips as a kid. Now that was a workout and a half! Kids today have it easy with those pumpkins :)

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