My kitchen floor…

… is littered with paper airplanes that Zoey and Nomi folded themselves and then took off from the runway in the hall.

We’ve spent much of the day outside as I’ve been sanding the play set. Oh the poor neglected play set that I don’t think has ever been sanded or painted since it was bought.




I had some help but then swinging and sliding was more fun so my helpers dispersed.

After we’ve finished our afternoon rest we need to get back out to finish it. I’m trying to get the garden in shape. I have a vision in my head of how I want things to look. We shall see if I can slowly pull it off over the next few months.

Zoey asked me to help attach her pull-along trolley to her indoor scooter. She put two soft toys in it and went whizzing around! Both girls are mad for wheels and pedals. Only half an inch to grow before they can get Isla bikes! Late winter or spring they will be impossible to keep up with then.

If we can get the sanding done quick then perhaps potato stamping before dinner.

Tuesday Things

In the lead up to the Scottish independence vote my brother left FaceBook – there were a lot of heated debates on both side. So since my brother isn’t enjoying my oversharing on Twitter or Instagram I figure I need to start blogging more often or he’ll never keep up to date with the Pingus.

So Jonty, this is all for you!

A beautiful fall day here. Zoey said it was a little bit summer and a little bit autumn. Warm but no sweaty heads when we went out on our bikes, and our tires crunched through the leaves.
Our garden is filling up with leaves so this afternoon we will have to get to raking.




When we got back we made pita bread to go with our veggie soup. I’d forgotten how delicious fresh pitas are and a good bargaining chip when getting the girls to eat all their soup.


The Tigger Movie made both girls cry so we are watching Katie Morag. Hopefully a quiet afternoon of making and building to round off this autumn day.

The biking botanists

I took these pictures of Nomi and Zoey just over a fortnight ago. Later that same day Nomi had an awkward tumble on the tile floor in the kitchen, and fractured her elbow.




I started taking the tree book out with us as I thought it would be good to start identifying the trees on our daily walk-bike ride. Just by talking about what we see has opened Nomi and Zoey up to spotting so much more, and I’m learning a lot about trees.

I thought we needed to wait till we went to the nature reserve but you don’t. So much nature all around us. So much to talk about. So much to spot and take delight in.




Some days they want to stop a lot. Touch the bark, pick up leaves, find acorns and seed pods. Look at the apples and find new fruit trees. Watch a squirrel eating a mushroom in a tree. Other days not so much. But there is always a lot to talk about.

Drawing skateboards

We spent a large chunk of today outside: playing, drawing and football! It’s warm and not humid at the moment so embracing all the time outside.


Whilst I was working on my Latin they got on with drawing. It was interesting seeing how their drawings developed through copying and helping each other. Zoey told me she was drawing a skateboard:


Nomi decided she would draw skateboards too. One for her, Zoey and Daddy. She outlined and then colored them in.


Both girls were happily looking at each other’s drawings, and are not in the least bit bothered by copying at this age. Zoey went to draw again and Nomi told her it needed four wheels so Zoey drew these skateboards:


It’s really nice seeing them work together yet separately.

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