Feet painting!

When we did potato stamping on Saturday at the very end, the very very end Zoey asked to do painting with feet and I said no but promised the next time they asked for big paints we’d do feet painting.

So when she asked to do big paints this morning I reminded her about feet painting, and both Pingus got very excited. They patiently waited on me finishing up my task and then setting up.

I wasn’t sure how they would like paint on their feet. I figured they’d either want to wash it off straight away or they’d be engaged in the exploration for a while.





I think they had a good time, and I joined in too.




It was a rainy rainy day here. We got out for puddle jumping and leaf collecting, but we were mainly housebound.


In the late afternoon we played some games. We’ve been playing snap and animal dominos for almost a year, and in the last few weeks the silliness and restlessness has almost faded away (well for the first game at least). If you’ve played games with small children you know what I’m talking about.

Snap with two box fresh two-year-olds was interesting. Supermarket Sweep level of excitement every time they played a card, and the world was over when they ran out of them.

Games of animal and regular dominos go smoother now. They like the clack of the regular dominos and counting the spots.



With Christmas approaching I’m looking for suggestions of what games would they enjoy now and/or grow into over the next year. Any ideas?

Rooms with views

We were pirates today. We made hats, walked the plank and then ate our pirate pasta for lunch. Not sure where the pirate thing came from but it was fun to play along.

We also cut into the boxes we got from the art museum and turned them into proper houses. Nomi and Zoey drew where they wanted windows and doors, and I got my craft knife out. Much excitement.






We got out for a longish bike ride, and when a familiar stranger asked where my bike was Zoey told her “I like mummy running behind.” More exercise, right!

We came, we saw, we carved.

Yesterday Zoey and Nomi drew their pumpkin designs and today I carved. It was chilly this morning so we wrapped up warm and tackled the big pumpkin.



They were more than satisfied with the results. At times toddlers are very easy to please: pick pumpkins at Home Depot and carve some shapes in.

Over the last few weeks they’ve both started making their figurines and animals talk and act out scenarios. It’s wonderful to watch, and today Nomi had two giraffes with her: Little Nomi and Big Daddy! Too much. Heart explodes.



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