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Picture dump time! 

We rode an old fashioned diesel train on a very, very hot day.    
We went to the beach on a very cold (relatively) day. 

The girls dug deeper into their house building project (deserves its own post) and added a roof (tiles and thatch). 

We tagged along with Alex into NYC. Whilst he worked we explored cafes, parks, an art store and rode a carousel until we all got dizzy. 


Flying with small children: a blurry recap 


This is a photo of me arriving in Edinburgh after the overnight flight with the Pingus. My mum sent it with the caption “No rush, really?” – oh she’s a card that one. 

Yes rush because Zoey hadn’t peed since New Jersey, so no flat white for me in the airport. Quick but loving hugs and into the cab to the bathroom at granny pingu’s! 

But let’s talk traveling, specifically flying solo, with small kids so we’ll rewind +10 hours. 




It was exhausting as the girls wanted 100% of my attention to talk about everything they were seeing, but hearts for eyes people the whole experience rocked. 

They loved everything about the airport, particularly the vehicles that drove around inside. 

“Inside vehicles, mummy! You didn’t know there would be cars in here!” 

And the moving walkway. And the yogurt we bought and ate sitting on the floor waiting to board. And sitting on the plane. 

It was just brilliant talking about everything over and over again. They talked until they passed out (Zoey was asleep by Maine and Nomi hung on till Nova Scotia). 

I barely needed any of the surprises of packed. Which was good as I could eek them out over our many train trips. On the plane the girls played with new small cars, play dough and we read new books (“I Stink!” & “I’m Dirty!” by Kate Mcmullan). Since they needed to sleep I kept the seat back TV screen set to the map. But, really they just wanted to talk about all the things. 

My two mistakes were food related. I woke them up for breakfast (they rejected all airplane food), and I should have packed even more snacks and real food. We had just enough but any delays would have pushed us over, or the kids would have had to eat airplane “food”. 

Zoey’s thoughts on ‘Sense and Sensibility’ 

“Mum, why don’t you fall over when we walk in the rain? Did they not have pavements – just grass?” 

“No bicycles.”

Update: we are only half way through so maybe more thoughts tomorrow. Alex said he didn’t understand this post, I told him that’s okay it’s for those who know their Austen. 

A tale of three museums

Here in the garden state we are in the full throes of summer and spending most of our day in the garden but my thoughts are still in the UK and sharing our photos and adventures. It was such a good vacation. I needed to physically hug all the people. FaceTime is great, I mean it’s fraking brilliant, but you can’t beat a hug and a cup of tea in someone’s kitchen. 

Aside from seeing all the people we knew that we wanted to do three museums in London, one for each of our interests. The British Museum for me, the London Transport Museum for Nomi and Zoey, and an excursion out to Bletchley Park for Alex. 

I toyed with going to The British Museum by myself so I could have a slow walk around the ‘Defining Beauty: the body in Ancient Greek art’, but the girls told me that they were interested in my interests so what could I do but have all of us go. I did not get a slow walk around the exhibit. It was dark and that threw the girls. 

I enjoyed the exhibit if at a slighter faster pace than I would have preferred. What I was not expecting was how busy the British Museum would be on a Wednesday morning. It was packed. According to by dad it is never quiet anymore. The Pingus aren’t the greatest fans of crowds so we couldn’t even wander but there you go, I’ve spent a lot of one there pre-Pingus and pre-crowds so I don’t feel like I was missing out.  

I think they liked running around outside the museum the most, and all the stairs. A top tip (or “life hack”) is to eat at the gallery cafe (turn left when you enter). That cafe serves the hot food and for every hot main course you buy your kid eats for free. That offer is only at that cafe. 

The next day we did the London Transport Museum which is amazing! If your kids love transport, like ours do, it’s a huge win. Hands on exhibits and an abundance of steering wheels. It’s all good. Also, fantastic family bathroom. 

And finally, we did a day trip to Bletchley Park. Less than an hour away on the train from London but quite far to go when your kids are little and can only manage 2-3 hrs onsite but I really wanted Alex to have a good look around and I was interested too. Bletchley Park is quietly simply brilliant.

Love. Love. LOVE what they have done to it. Multiple exhibits about the work that went on their during World War 2, and the huts have been brought to life. Well worth the trip out there and juggling the girls between us. We also met some friends there at lunch time so got a catch-up before the weather turned and the girls crashed out. 


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