A lovely day

I took today off and spent most of it on a train to travel two states away for an art exhibit and to meet a friend. It was so worth it.

More tomorrow. So tired.

Sliding towards the weekend

We had a day of leaf art (like many of my friends this week ahead of art exchanges) and baking. I’d hoped to get on with some Christmas sewing but I had to bake all the things: pita bread, apple oatmeal cookies and pizza.





We tried a few different techniques with the leaves but the printing really gripped them. Though complaints that we are running low on watercolors… They are getting more for Christmas so it’s pick another color or share a palette till then.

We had some help on the baking front. Best friends Pooh and Eeyore pitched in.


Ready for the weekend, and looking forward to the short week ahead with Thanksgiving next week. Our first Thanksgiving as Americans!

Getting a jump on Christmas


We’ve started mailing out Christmas cards. I know, it’s not even Thanksgiving but it’s proving to be a good way to get the girls out in these almost winter temperatures.

I’m missing summer. I’m missing the girls throwing on their Crocs and being ready to go out. The not having to wait for them to put on all the clothes in the universe, and getting distracted from the layers. All the layers. All the time.

Of course the exception to this is when it snows and then they will be dressed in seconds and dragging me out.

Ripping the band aid off

I did my first solo drive today, and by solo I mean with my wing ladies in the back. Because I’m never going to really drive alone, am I?


We just drove around the neighborhood. Slowly easing me into the mind set of a driver, or let’s be honest chauffeur. Not everyone was happy with just a turn around the block. Someone wanted to go somewhere like Target or the bookstore.


Me too Nomi, me too. But the space program didn’t go straight to the moon and I can’t go straight to Costco. It’s a process.

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