March is still winter, and don’t ever forget that 

Our weekend: trains! 

On Saturday we took a short train ride together, there was much excitement and the girls packed their “suitcases” for the trip. 

It was just fantastic seeing how much they enjoyed the whole experience. Next time we promised them a longer trip on the express. 

Zoey and Nomi were also interested in seeing the signals and crossing over the tracks. If only it hadn’t been so cold we could have lingered. 

Come on spring, lots of fun things to do outside. 

-2C, feels warm 

Alex is trying to convince me that the worst of winter is behind us and that spring is just around the corner. Whilst my weather app agrees with him I am dubious (but hopeful). 

February has been such a long and cold month. There aren’t even hints of spring in our neck of the woods. Just iced over sidewalks and snow. That said it was relatively warm yesterday and we headed out for a balance bike ride. Nomi and Zoey only had to wear two pairs of trousers and they decided to break out their sunnies. 

It was glorious to be out and not beaten down by the wind. It was nice enough for us to do our usual two mile circuit. 

Maybe spring is on the way…

We came, we saw, we Lego’d 

I’m starting to ring fence time in the morning to support Nomi and Zoey with their interests, working towards it being project time (if it isn’t already). There are a lot of things they want to make and they tell me through out the day, and I’m journaling to keep track but we need dedicated time otherwise it just won’t happen. 

Today they wanted to build trains from Lego. Nomi had seen the photo of a train in the Lego ideas booklet. We three are new to Lego and it’s awesomeness, the ideas booklet is handy for learning about the different parts (coupling pieces today) and for getting us going. 

Lego has come on quite a bit since I was a kid, and the tactile feel of the bricks and the clicks as you put them together is as satisfying for me as them. 

I think we all need more Lego and building in our lives. Zoey and Nomi’s trains were duly incorporated into Sodor, and rebuilt through out the day. Tiny piles of Lego all over the place. 

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